In some occasions there are ailments to which it is impossible to give a solution only with conservative treatment, and therefore surgery must be resorted to.

We are all afraid of that word, but just as we understand that appendicitis cannot be cured by applying some “lotion”, we have to understand that there are problems in our feet that cannot be solved this way either.

A foot deformity or a foot disease such as a bunion, a claw toe, an incarnate nail or Morton’s neuroma (which limit or cancel the possibility of walking), putting properly on the shoes, working or sleeping without being in pain, practicing the type of sport that we like, going for a walk, having dinner or chatting with friends and relatives, may turn out to be activities that will make our lives miserable.

The foot surgery is not more than another resource that we have in order to find a permanent solution to these problems.

In our clinic we are specialized in MIS (Minimal Invassive Surgery), a type of surgery that uses different techniques that involve:

Incisions of less than 5mm
-Local anesthesia
-Latest technology in fluoroscopy
-Ambulatory regime and immediate ambulation with special shoe
-Minimal tissue damage and minimal post-surgical pain
-Fast recovery time and return to daily activity.

To obtain an optimal result, as always, before and after carrying out a surgery, a complete study has to be done, where the foot is assessed as a whole and as a part of a whole. Our pillar of support is the foot, but just as a house with no foundation collapses, one with no roof floods.

Always keep in mind that the purpose of everything we do is that you can have a good quality of life, whatever age you are!

Healthy feet, happy people!



Our clinic is located inland Alicante, precisely in the city of Ibi.

It is equipped with the latest technology and devices necessary to offer a service of maximum quality that will not go unnoticed. Here, our team of professionals can attend any problem that arises in your feet, such as plantar fasciitis, a bunion, an ingrown toenail, claw toes, papillomas, problems related to podiatry for the elderly, children’s or sports podiatry.


Plaça Centenari del Joguet, 3, 1ºB
03440 Ibi (Alicante)
Phone: 966 55 29 00 – 669758739




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