Do you have mobility problems and find it difficult to get around on your own? How many times have you waited for a family member or friend to have time to take you to the chiropodist and have been suffering longer than necessary?

Does it feel bad when your mother, uncle, or grandmother ask you  to take an appointment for him/her and to take him/her to the podiatrist but you cannot find the time although you know that he/she really needs it?

Once that you have found the time, it ends up taking longer than planned because finding a parking lot was a nightmare.

Does your relative/friend go in a wheelchair and is it impossible to carry it in your car?

We take all this into account and therefore we offer you an additional transport service run by an adapted taxi. All you have to do is to book it and we will make sure that the day of your appointment it will pick you up at home and bring your back.

You decide if you come accompanied or not.

Save time, save suffering, save discomfort by having to bother someone else! We make it easy for you.


Our clinic is located inland Alicante, precisely in the city of Ibi.

It is equipped with the latest technology and devices necessary to offer a service of maximum quality that will not go unnoticed. Here, our team of professionals can attend any problem that arises in your feet, such as plantar fasciitis, a bunion, an ingrown toenail, claw toes, papillomas, problems related to podiatry for the elderly, children’s or sports podiatry.


Plaça Centenari del Joguet, 3, 1ºB
03440 Ibi (Alicante)
Phone: 966 55 29 00 – 669758739




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