• Diabetes is a disease that increasingly affects th epopulation and has a special impact on the feet.Poor systemic control and associated pathologies can lead to the appearance of a diabetic foot, whichis a clinical picture that alters the quality of life of diabetics, resulting in wounds that become ulcers and can lead to amputations and even death of the patient.For this reason, the role played by the podiatristis of vital importance when treating and, aboveall, preventing the appearance of a diabetic foot.In our consultations weassess the patient and make a morphological and biomechanical study of the foot in order to detect posible risk factors and apply the most appropriate preventive treatment.

    Likewise, once the lesion o rulcer has already appeared, in the multidisciplinary work of all the professionals in charge of treating it our contribution becomes indispensable:

    Unload the area to eliminate the pressure
    Clean and apply treatment
    Provide guidance on appropriate footwear
    Instructon habits and hygienic measures of prevention
    Early detection



h4 style=”text-align: center;”>PODIATRIC CLINIC

Our clinic is located inland Alicante, precisely in the city of Ibi.

It is equipped with the latest technology and devices necessary to offer a service of maximum quality that will not go unnoticed. Here, our team of professionals can attend any problem that arises in your feet, such as plantar fasciitis, a bunion, an ingrown toenail, claw toes, papillomas, problems related to podiatry for the elderly, children’s or sports podiatry.


Plaça Centenari del Joguet, 3, 1ºB
03440 Ibi (Alicante)
Phone: 966 55 29 00 – 669758739




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