The important things are those which occur to us in our day by day.

We always say that we do not know what we have until it’s gone… well, it’s true!

Our chiropodology service consists precisely on that: solving the small (and sometimes not so small) pains that may affect your feet and that limit, reduce or cancel your daily activity.

An incarnated nail, a corn, a heloma (chicken eye), a wart, an eczema on the skin, an excess of dryness or sweating, nails difficult to cut, etc., can turn activities such as going to work, putttion your shoes properly on, taking the kids to school, doing sports or going out for a drink with friends, into something impossible to do.

In our consultation you will find a close, friendly personal care, with a dash of humour and without haste; so that you can explain us in detail what the problem is, in order to make a proper evaluation and to give you a solution:

Fast / Effective / Painless

Our devices are equipped with the best technology to make that the experience of returning to your daily life is comfortable, refreshing, painless and even pleasurable.

Just because “something” hurts doesn’t mean that it has to hurt as well! “take it off”!


Our clinic is located inland Alicante, precisely in the city of Ibi.

It is equipped with the latest technology and devices necessary to offer a service of maximum quality that will not go unnoticed. Here, our team of professionals can attend any problem that arises in your feet, such as plantar fasciitis, a bunion, an ingrown toenail, claw toes, papillomas, problems related to podiatry for the elderly, children’s or sports podiatry.


Plaça Centenari del Joguet, 3, 1ºB
03440 Ibi (Alicante)
Phone: 966 55 29 00 – 669758739




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